How YOU Can Have More Peace, Cooperation, and 
Pure Joy In Your Parenting !

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  • Powerful Alternatives to Threats, Punishments, and Consequences
    (to bring out the best in your children, while still getting your needs met!)

  • The True Cause of Yelling & How to Handle the Urge to Yell at Your Kids
    (for a better relationship with your child, and with yourself!)

  • How to Banish Shame and Guilt From Your Parenting
    (because the truth is you ARE a good parent, even when you doubt that!)

  • Strategies for Creating and Enhancing Connections with Your Children 
    (to create the safe emotional home that you are searching for!)

Chris and Zac

"Working with Leslie over the past two years has changed my life. I never would have believed that the relationship I have with my kids, with my wife, and with myself, could have ever been going in such a positive direction, as it is now. Bottom line is if you want things to be better in your life, in your relationships, with your kids, and yourself, then work with Leslie."